Golf Fang is an ode to Street Art, its Writers and its Origins

Our concept combines crazy golf, theatre, cocktails, DJ’s and Street Food in an art infused environment that showcases the very best street art, its writers and its culture. We always love to remind people……

Crazy Golf does happen, but we’re about so much more.

Golf Fang is a ‘Sprayground’ and we provide the Graff Writers, with golf courses built into weird and wonderful designs such as buses, shop fronts, film studios and pubs… the list is endless and nothing is off limits.

Our venues require a minimum of 12000 sq ft of space for collective and creative freedom. This provides our guests with an exciting collaboration of productions that inspire and hopefully change negative opinions about the art form (it’s also boss for Instagram).

It allows Authentic Street Writers to express themselves without damaging property or getting into trouble with authorities. We combine each Street Artists work with tailored lighting and exciting scenery. Golf Fang is a mind-blowing explosion of colour and weirdness.

Our Brand
Ghetto in the context of our name, refers to an isolated group from the wider society – Street Writers. Although the term does bear great significance in our name, as the birthplace of Graffiti Culture.

‘Ghetto’ is sometimes popularised in modern film, music and media as being exclusive to race, however its origins are not exclusive to any ethnicity. In different contexts, the term carries various definitions and meanings. For clarity, the definition in this instance is;

‘an isolated group or segregated area.’

It relates to many people seeing street art as vandalism and its writers being marginalised by both authorities and the general public alike, forcing them to express themselves in secrecy and operate in a closed community.

Our aim is to change that perception by celebrating the art form and placing it front and centre of our activities.

Golf Fang has had hundreds of authentic street artists from all over the world express themselves on our walls and back drops.

When you see Street Art, do you know its Origins?
Our willingness to choose the word ‘Ghetto’ in our brand, has further significance and was also determined by the roots of Street Art, it also serves as a homage to its birthplace.

In the 1960’s Darryl McCray better known as ‘Cornbread’ began writing on street and subway walls in a Philadelphia ghetto leaving messages for a girl he was pursuing and trying to impress. Cornbread would simply write ‘Cornbread loves Cynthia’!

This led to others writing their ‘tag names’ on walls. Eventually using the cheapest materials possible (paint and a brush), artists began to compose creative pieces on any and all available space the city had to offer, be it legal or not!! (the brushes were later swapped for spray cans). The craze spread like wild fire and that was it, Street Art as we know it today was born.

These pioneers inspired what has developed into a world wide culture of recognised artistry……from Writers who were desperate to be heard.

Similar to this, as a company that was founded by two white people, it would be ignorant for us not to acknowledge the Black community roots of Street Art in our name. As it was this fact combined with the isolated experience of Street artists, that helped us consolidate our brand and its name. We are a conscious, art based company and implore people to think, research and learn about the origins of a culture that has given so much joy to us and so many people all over the world.

Street art is considered one of the 5 pillars of hip hop alongside Dj’ing, Break Dancing, MC’ing and Knowledge. We play eclectic music in our venues but its proudly hip-hop orientated which adds to our authentic Street Art experience.

Our Ethos
Golf Fang is a company that provides guests with positive interaction with Street Art and its culture. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and have a naughty sense of humour.

We have the Black pioneers of our graffiti culture to thank for inspiring us to create venues where every inch is covered in artwork.

We consider ourselves a Graffiti Cathedral combined with a seriously twisted crazy golf course and cocktail bar.

If you read all of that, fair play and hopefully you’ll understand more about us and our love of Creativity, Culture, Street Art and Crazy Golf.